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The loss of one or more teeth can lead to the depletion of the supporting jaw bone. Without the root of a tooth anchored into your jaw, a process called resorption occurs where the minerals in your jaw are taken away in the blood.

Over a relatively short period of time, your jaw can lose considerable density. The longer it’s been since you’ve lost your teeth, the more likely you are to experience bone loss.

Other causes for the depletion of your jaw’s density could include periodontal disease, trauma, abscess or infection.


Traditionally, dental implant surgery is reliant on you having sufficient bone volume to sustain the pressure exerted by the titanium fixtures. Ordinarily, implant placement would not be possible when bone density is compromised.

When the bone is depleted, we can explore more advanced procedures including carrying out a bone graft to restore your jaw or an alternative restoration called zygomatic implants. Both of these life-changing procedures make it possible for Dr Hassan Maghaireh, one of the UK’s top implant experts, to improve your quality of life.



To maximise the potential bone density and volume needed for the osseointegration of a titanium implant with your jaw, we can carry out a procedure called a bone graft.

A bone graft is sometimes referred to as a ‘block graft’, rebuilds your jaw and prepares it for implant surgery. Like other types of tissue found in the human body, bone can be regenerated given the right circumstances.

To carry out the graft, we’ll use either a synthetic material or a small portion of bone taken from elsewhere on your jaw or another part of your body. In some cases, material from a bone bank or an animal may be used.

An autogenous graft using your own bone is usually the ideal choice as there is more chance that your jaw will accept the material and the healing process can be quicker. Bone grafts have a very high success rate.



  • Onlay graft – This type of graft is applied directly to the surface of the bone. Gradually, the new piece of bone will bond with the jaw beneath it. Once matured, an implant can be placed.
  • Sinus lift – Where bone mass is lacking in the upper jaw, we may perform a sinus lift. In this procedure, a bone graft will be placed between your maxillary sinuses on either side of your nose and your jaw. Prior to the graft, the sinus membrane will need to be lifted.


Prior to your procedure, we’ll take digital scans to evaluate your bone density.

The bone graft itself will be carried out under anaesthetic. During the procedure, we’ll access your jaw through the gums. Next, the bone will be placed and fixed into position.

Following your bone graft, you should be able to return to your normal routine relatively quickly. After a week or two, your jaw will feel normal again; however, the healing process can take several months depending on the type of graft, the location, and your body’s capacity to heal quickly. If implant surgery is to follow, this will be carried out once your jaw has fully healed.


Insufficient bone volume in the upper jaw can prove problematic when placing traditional dental implants. By altering the length of the implant and the angle at which it is placed, it is possible to make use of the cheekbone (zygoma) to support an implant-retained bridge.

Zygomatic implants are used in conjunction with ordinary implants to provide maximum support across your entire upper arch.



This advanced procedure requires a greater degree of precision as we’ll need to go deeper into your bone at a very specific diagonal angle that avoids the sinuses. Dr Hassan Maghaireh is one of the UK’s most experienced implant dentists and uses tested techniques that achieve amazing results with a very high success rate.

To begin, we’ll take digital 3D scans of your jaw and cheekbones to calculate the exact angle for implant placement. During the procedure, you’ll receive an anaesthetic so that the experience is as comfortable as possible for you.

Next, we’ll place the implants. Due to the complexity of the zygomatic placement procedure, this process can take some time. Once the implants are in position, we can fit a temporary, low-pressure bridge that you’ll use while the implants fuse with your bone.

Your temporary restoration will allow you to enjoy your life and they’ll look fantastic. But if you like how they look and feel, wait until you see your final teeth made by our skilled technicians.



Using zygomatic implants to anchor the upper arch of your teeth eliminates the need for a bone graft or sinus lift procedure. This reduces the recovery time and allows us to place your implants immediately.

Where bone loss has had an impact on your facial features, zygomatic implants can help improve your appearance and prevent further structural deterioration.

Once we’ve placed your new prosthetic teeth, you’ll be able to smile with confidence, eat what you like, and enjoy life without worrying about ill-fitting dentures that limit your dietary choices.



Raggi Munjal reviewed on

Hassan and his co pilot Victoria are world class implant clinicians, who also teach their philosophy in their renowned teaching academy; BAIRD. This new bespoke clinic is truly outstanding and I’d have no hesitation in recommending patients in West Yorkshire and beyond to come here for their implant and aesthetic work. The clinic is easily accessible off the motorway and not far from Leeds City centre, with plenty of parking.

L B reviewed on

I have been a patient of Hassan and the team for a few years. In that time I have only ever experienced excellent, professional, caring and friendly service. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is considering implants. You are in safe hands. Love the new premises Wow!!! Very convenient location with free parking . Well done in all that you have achieved so far.

Karen Potter reviewed on

I have just finished my treatment for a front tooth dental implant at Leeds Dental Clinic. Hassan performed the implant operation and Victoria provided the very valuable role of ensuring everything remained intact/infection free with regular check ups throughout as well as discussing the replacement tooth specifics (Shape, colour, size etc) The clinic itself is pure indulgence high spec surroundings with state of the art equipment…

Paul Wharam reviewed on

Had my permanent implant and crown fitted to my two front teeth yesterday. Altogether it has been a 12 month journey with Victoria doing most of the work and what a truly professional and engaging person she is. If you need implant surgery and want an expert and personal service I can easily recommend Victoria, Hassan and the team

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Excellent customer service. I found that every examination I did was explained in a very clear way. I felt relaxed. I am looking forward to having my implant done. I will refer their service to a very special person in my life.

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The new practice is incredible! Hassan and Victoria have been so caring throughout the fitting of two dental implants. I can’t recommend them and their new practice enough!


Under the expert guidance of Dr Hassan Maghaireh, Leeds Dental Clinic is the place to go for advanced dental procedures. To learn more about how we can help you restore your smile when you’ve experienced bone loss, make an appointment today.